International Art Fair ART INNSBRUCK 2019, 17-20 January 2019


Critical presentation by Monia Malinpensa

(Malinpensa Art Gallery in Turin)

The artist A. Fronterrè represents a “meditative art”, expressed in a modern, recurrent lexicon with an endless immagination. With his series “Sidereal spaces”, he introduces to us possible, imaginary universes, using his own expressive language, in eternal evolution, which imparts the unique character to his works. The photographic prints, made with evident technical mastery and constant study, highlight a deep reflection which is highly evocative and never end in itself. In his works there are a strong, communicative value and a “compositive emotion”, in which “Potency and Act” live in perfect harmony to give birth to an original composition ready to strike our emotional chords.

Monia Malinpensa
(Art Director)